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We remove some of the soil when we ship. There are usually no issues with a plant out of soil or kept dry for a week or more. When you receive your plants, put them into a pot with moist soil. Give the roots opportunity to reachdown for water. Please check to see if your plants should be watered at the time of year you purchase. Some don't get a lot of water in winter and some not a lot of water in summer. How often you water depends on how quickly your soil dries out. Most important, don't overwater. Water well and allow your plants to dry out. The photos on our website represent what plants look like when growing. We are not selling the plant in the photo. Whether your plant has flowers depends on whether it is flowering at that time. A pot may be one large plant or more than one plant. Plants grow at a different pace and different sizes so if you order 2 plants coming out of the same size pot, they may not be the same size.

SALE plants may require additional freight payment

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Photos begin October 2007
Explore the difference in the garden over time. This is area 1.
Area 1 ~ This is one year later.
November 2009 ~ Plants and big rocks make a difference.
I am amazed how 2 years have changed my garden. What
great growth. The solid blue agave parryii is huge and has
sent out about 20 little pups from which I will make new
plants. The variagated agave is also sends out pups. We
added a chair and a bench and other garden ornaments.
October 2007 ~
The bare bush in the back becomes a magnificent
jatropha gossypifolia with leaves and berries. Also note the
euphorbia against the house on the right. Just a few years
later and it covers the house and is about 7' tall. A mother
mocking bird built a nest and put her baby inside for safety.
Area 2
The jatropha gossypifolia started filling in, in May. It's now
the end of November 2008 and still very lush. The area is filled
with multiple species making it an interesting garden. Area 2
The jatropha gossypifolia in it's fullest with an aeonium in
the center front and an uncarina right front, a Yucca right
rear and firesticks in between. I will be moving the uncarina
in the spring. I never expected the jatropha and the uncarina
to get as large as they did. It's fun to move plants and change
what I have in the garden.
Area 2 ~ November 2009 ~ two years later ~
Area 2:
As you can see the euphorbia tirucalli has really filled
in and now covers the right side of the house
Area 3 ~ The purple plant is a tradescantia, the big green
plant center front is a euphorbia and the plant with the red
trim behind and to the left is aloe striata and again I have
Golden Barrel Cactus.
~Area 3 ~ about 1 year later ~

Area 3 ~ November 2009 ~ 2 years later... I removed the
tradescantia on the left and planted echeveria and agaves.
The euphorbia tirucalli (fire sticks) add so much color and
excitement to any garden. Each area repeats plants. Make
note of the filler, light green variagated portulacaria afra
with red stems.

Area 3 ~ September 2010 ~ 3 years later...
Light green variagated portulacaria afra with red stems.

Area 3 ~ February 2016
Light green variagated portulacaria afra with red stems.

Area 1 ~ September 2010 ~ 3 years later...

Area 1 ~ May 2014 ~
Agave with giant flower stalk

Area 4 at our home. taken 2016

Area 5 at our home. taken February 2016
Aloe bainesii 8-10' tall

This crassula tetragona when placed in the ground becomes a bushy thick plant with golden flowers. It's a great line plant along a fence or wall.
Agave americana mediopicta alba also sends off pups.
Available in 1 gallon size for shipping and
5 gallon for local pick up only. (San diego CA)
Euphorbia firesticks vary in color from pink/red to orange/rust.
They are a must for any succulent collection.
Smaller plants are listed on Euphorbia page. Three & five gallon plants are available for local pick up only. (San diego CA)
Aloe striata has red margins when in the sun.
In pots they don't grow
as big and expansive. This size for local pick up only.
(San diego CA)
Aeonium & flowering aloe striata in the ground
Aeonium Swartzkopf
Haworthia fasciata
Aloe brevifolia
Aloe ciliaris has wonderful flowers as you can see
Cotyledon orbiculata a prize winner
Cyanotis - furry with green & purple leaves
Euphorbia caput medusae
Euphorbia lambii
Euphorbia loricata
Stapelia gettlefii

Have fun with your garden. Add statues, wood,
little bird houses or whatever you like. Be
creative, nature is open to your creativity

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