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You may notice that there are plant photos without
ability to purchase. Those are plants waiting for propagation
or plants we no longer grow.


May our plants grow with you!

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We remove some of the soil when we ship. There are usually no issues with a plants
out of soil or kept dry for a week or more. When you receive your plants, put them
into a pot with moist soil. Give
the roots opportunity to reachdown for water.
Please check to see if your plants should be watered at
the time of year you purchase. Some don't get a lot of water in winter and some not a lot of water in summer.
How often you water depends on how quickly your soil dries out. Most important, don't overwater.

The photos on our website represent what plants look like when growing.
We are not selling the plant in the photo.
Whether your plant has flowers depends on whether it is flowering at that time.
A pot may be one large plant or more than one plant. Plants grow at a different pace and different sizes
so if you order 2 plants coming out of the same size pot, they may not be the same size.

Sale plants may require additional freight payment

We Update Weekly, always something to do on our website

        Propagating - the Basics
  1. Methods
    Seeds, cuttings, leaf, division ~
    The best part of selling plants is growing and propogating.
  2. Aloe Brevifolia Pups ~
    From one small plant that grew up and matured, I have made at least 30 new plants
    In the "Visit My Garden" page, you will see the Blue Agave which sends out pups. I took the pups with roots and made new plants..
  3. Use Appropriate Plants:
    Make sure the plant you take cuttings from are strong and healthy without plant pests
  4. I use a lighter soil for Rooting cuttings:
    Put the plants into moist soil and wait a week before watering again. When the weather is warm my plants generally root within 2 weeks.
    There are products such as root tone you can use to help stimulate root growth.
  5. Use Clean Tools:
    Make sure the cutters or knifes you use are clean. If you cut a plant that has been diseased, make sure you clean the tools with alcohol or bleach..
  6. Irrigate Efficiently:
    Don't over-water. Use soaker hoses and drip irrigation to water deeply & encourage deep root growth.
  7. Capture Rain and Snow Run Off
    Use rain barrels and cisterns to capture water draining off roofs. Run-off from paved areas can be
    directed back onto the landscape to water trees, shrubs and flower beds.
  8. Maintain Your Landscape and Garden Properly:Keep irrigation systems running properly.
    Avoid the lush, thirsty plant growth that results.
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