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Winter was mild for us here in San Diego area.
Our plants are healthy & happy and ready to join you.
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Fertilizer - Zip lock snack bag of Triple 14 slow release is 10 cents with minimum order of $50

~Updated March 24th, 2014~
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Sempervivum arachnoidium Sempervivum arachnoidium Pleispilos nellii Pleiospilos nelii royal flush Mammillaria theresa
Aeonium flower Acanthocalycium thionanthum variiflorum Kalanchoe tomentosa Kalanchoe pumila Oscularia deltoides
Adenium obesum Aeonium Lindleyi string of pearls senecio radicans Trichodemia bulbosum titanopsis
tylecodon Cistanthe guadalupensis Cotyledon orbiculata Cactus Flowers Aloinopsis
Kalanchoe species Euphorbia millii mixed color flowers
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