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Echeveria 'Neon Breakers'

Echeveria 'Neon Breakers`Latin name of the genus and species: Echeveria hybrid. The new cultivar is a product of a planned breeding program. The new variety originated from a cross pollination of the unpatented, species seed parent, Echeveria shaviana with the pollen parent an unpatented, proprietary variety of Echeveriacante.times.shaviana referred to as `#00.` Asexual reproduction of the new cultivar `Neon Breakers` was first performed in Vista, Calif., at a commercial greenhouse, by vegetative leaf cuttings in February 2005. `Neon Breakers` has since produced several generations and has shown thatvthe unique features of this cultivar are stable and reproduced true to type. The following traits have been repeatedly observed and are determined to be the unique characteristics of `Neon Breakers.` These characteristics in combination distinguish `Neon Breakers` as a new and distinct Echeveria cultivar: 1. Intensely colorful leaf margins. 2. Increased resistance to normal disease and pests encountered in Echeveria. 3. Robust growth. 4. Unique continuous growth, not shutting down seasonally, as is typical of Echveria. Plants of the new cultivar `Neon Breakers` are similar to the seed parent Echeveria shaviana in most horticultural characteristics. However, `Neon Breakers` exhibits intensely colorful leaf margins not seen on the seed parent. Additionally,plants of `Neon Breakers` are more robust, growing faster than the seed parent, showing more resistance to diseases and pests than the seed parent, and not discontinuing growth during seasonal shutdown, as seen in Echeveria shaviana.
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