Succulent Gardening: The Art of Nature

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Welcome to my website, I'm glad you're here!

Please visit the Catalogue pages above!
Take your time, look around and enjoy!

We are a website devoted to introducing magnificent,
low water, low maintenance Succulents to the world

My succulents are grown in Vista, California in a nearly perfect climate.
That's why there are so many large growers and collectors here.
We ship from Solana Beach, where our office is.

I welcome you to a wonderful and exciting passion.
Pick up your camera and take pictures of the progress of your plants
and their flowers. Gardening teaches patience and appreciation of nature.

Succulents are collected for their beautiful and unique shapes, colors,
textures, and flowers. If you have a busy life and are conscious about
water usage, succulents are for you.

Propagating succulents is a magical experience for young and old alike.
Watching them grow from a leaf or stem cutting is what got me hooked.

I offer general care information. My newer catalogue pages have brief plant information.
When you click on the enlargements, you will find extended information. Plants that
don't fit into plant families or are few, are listed under A-E or F-Z

Please let me know if you find any broken links or misnamed succulents.

You can go to any search engine or go to your local library. I've purchased
numerous books. Visit the books page for a list of some of the books I use.
Most of what I have learned has come from experience.

If you see an item without a "buy or add to cart buttom", it's not currently available.

GO to the "Visit my garden" page and you will see my garden and how it began.

These are some of the plants you will find on our site:
Adeniums, Aloe, Agave, Adromischus, Caudiciforms, Crassula, Dasylirion,
Echeveria, Epidendrums, Euphorbia, Fockea, Faucaria, Gasteria, Ground cover,
Hanging Plants, Haworthias, Hesperaloe, House plants, Kalanchoe, Plumeria,
Pepperomia, Sansevieria, Sedum, Sempervivum

Please consider recycling our packing material. Maybe a local store could use them. Thank you!

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